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Principal's Message

Thank you for taking a look at our website and this message. I guess the fact that you’re here means that you’re searching for some information about our school. I hope you find what you’re looking for but if not, please give us a call at the campus (512-847-2181) and we’ll try to find an answer for you right away.

My name is Greg Howard and I am the Principal of the Jr. High here in Wimberley. I consider it a privilege to work alongside a talented staff who try their best each day to make this a comfortable and fun place for students to learn. I also get to work alongside parents in this community who get involved in our school and are just as dedicated to achievement as our staff.

As you already know, every phase of a child's life has its challenges and the middle school years can certainly be filled with their share of them. Depending on your own personal experience in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade you might have some apprehension about this time in your child’s life. However, here at Danforth we feel like the partnership we have with parents is what helps students, parents, guardians, and staff navigate this time successfully. Students come to school prepared and ready to learn. They have a positive attitude about the day because they've heard that from home and they also hear it in our building. Our parents work with our teachers to help provide students the best education possible but we are keenly aware that education is not just about Academics. While that will always be our main focus we also know that students and parents alike put a lot of extra time and effort into excellent activities such as band, choir, cheer and our many sports programs. All those activities can make for hectic days and it takes all of us working together to help the students remain successful and happy. Another group that puts a lot of extra time and effort into activities on this campus is our P.T.O. They work diligently throughout the year to provide wonderful things for both students and staff. So there you go ---We are a community filled with a lot of good folks working together to make this campus and this school district a special place.


Hope you found what you were looking for but if not, give us a call. Thanks for your time.